Ignacio Diego
Immigrants are the people who move from one country to another country. The U.S. is made op of thousands of immigrants who do all the work that their citizens dont want to do. We the immigrants are treated as we were some kind of criminals. They call us illegal, but really are we? Our ancestors, the Aztecs were here way before any of the Caucasians. We are the true Americans not them, so why do they treat us like this? I am part of the immigrant community and I am proud of it.

We the Immigrants are the ones who work practically everywhere. We work out in the fields. We work for countless hours without food and under harsh working conditions. We work as employees from Mc. Donalds to some of the highest factories. We are everywhere and we are the ones that they employ because we dont have rights and they can exploit us. Such is the case for the New Orleans construction workers. These workers are working for no pay and are getting fooled. These workers have no benefits and are working in awful conditions (“Exploited workers in New Orleans”). We the immigrants are paid very little under the minimum wages and we do all the work. We do all the work that the other races dont want to do. How come the Mexicans and the Latinos are the only ones working in the fields and in every other work? What about the Africans or the Asians where are they?

My family, when they came here to the U.S. had to work then they ever had to just to be able to raise us. They worked at everything, but their first job was selling corn. Even I sold corn when I was small. We had to work a lot to get to where we are now. We had to suffer a lot and get beat down a lot by the police. Besides that the gangsters also beat my dad a lot of times to get his money. We suffered a lot, but the only thing is that we got to get out of that poverty. However, there are many other immigrant families like us that dont have such fortune. Some of them get killed and nobody even realizes it because they are immigrants. If you were in this situation wouldnt you want the government to pass a better reform than the one they are debating over right now fir the better of your family?

This new reform that the government is debating over states that a guest worker has to leave 1 year, between two year stays (“Ten key myths about the border security and Immigration reform agreement”). As for the “illegals” who are here in the U.S. they have to admit that they broke the law, pay a five thousand dollar fine, and undergo criminal checks to obtain only a temporary visa . In addition, to this we have to complete some English requirements and we have to file our application in our home country (“Ten key myths about border security and Immigration reform agreement”). If that person is admitted then they will only be given temporary legal status, but they wont be able to enjoy the full privileges of a U.S. citizen (Ten key myths about border security and Immigration reform agreement”). This means that you cant do anything in this country, but work and then we are suppose to leave. This is wrong because the president and the government are treating us like animals and not like humans. All they want is our work and not us. They just care about their economy not their people. The people are fighting for a new reform, a reform that is fair for all of us. We want a reform that will legalize all 12 million of us. We want to be able to enjoy our rights and be able to do whatever we please. However the government says that with or without the immigrants they are capable of surviving and do just fine. However, they do need us because who will do the work we do they will? I doubt it.

Many families because of immigrants are being separated. Everyday, we hear in the news that the immigration are making “redadas” which is when the immigration comes to a working place and takes all the illegals and sends them back to their countries (“Bush takes on Conservatives over Immigration”). Because of this mothers are left with their children without a father. Families are being separated. Imagine that your family is an immigrant family and your parents are deported and you are left alone. What would you do? This is what thousands of families are experiencing nowadays. I personally also, suffered because of immigration. My father had to go to Mexico to get his visa as usual. However, when he tried to come back, he was detained and couldnt come back. He fought and got to talk to the embassy of the U.S. in Mexico, but this was futile. In the embassy, the police and the judge there almost beat my dad out of the courtroom.

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