The Constitution Paper
Essay title: The Constitution Paper
The Constitution
Magalys Morales
University of Phoenix
Business Law 145
April 09, 2008
The Constitution
The Constitution is the basic and supreme law of the land. It defines the structure of the federal government and consists on 7 articles and 27 amendments. This document creates the federal government and three branches compose it. The three branches are: the legislative branch, represented by the congress, which have the authority to make laws. The executive branch, represented by the President and the cabinet. These have administrative and regulatory power. An as the third one, the judiciary branch, which interprets the laws. This paper explains what the role of the United States Constitution is and how a constitutional right can affect a business in today’s world.

The role of the United States Constitution is to establish justice, insure peace, and provides the common defense of the citizens and to promote the general welfare and insure the blessings of liberty for everyone. In summary, the people have a right to be free. It means the right to have freedom of speech, freedom of selecting a religion and economic activity. Some of the principles of the constitution are to emphasize the concept of citizenship, to develop the way of administering the electoral process and its supervision, to reform the chances of the parties to present presidential candidates by proving the control, reinforcing the women representation in the parliament, introducing a law for combating terrorism, effecting capability between the constitution stipulation and contemporary economic situations. In addition, the constitution function is to protect the individual rights by limiting the government ability to restrict those rights.

The 10 amendments of the US Constitution are also called the bill of rights which protects certain rights such us freedom of speech. This is self-explanatory and states that any person has the right of speech. The freedom of religion is another right, which allows anyone to decide on selecting his or her own religion. The Equal protection clause prohibits the government to represent a law that threats persons differently. The due process clause is another right of the bill of rights. This one states that no person should be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. As the last right, the privileges and immunities clause, which prohibits states from representing, laws that can excessively discriminate in favor of the residents over residents of other states. The commerce clause of the Constitution gives the federal government the authority to regulate the interstate commerce. “Any local intrastate activity has an effect on interstate commerce is subject to federal regulation.” (Henry R. 2008)

A constitutional right can have a big impact on a business. The new smoking free law implemented in Arizona is an example of this. “The

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