Huck Finn Socratic Questions Ch. 22-36
Essay Preview: Huck Finn Socratic Questions Ch. 22-36
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Question one:
Why doesnt Jim figure out that the king and the duke are not really kings or dukes?
Projected answers:
I think that Jim. After being a slave for so long, is very used to always listening and never asking questions. This seems to migrate into a constant trust; which is why Jim is a very trusting person, and always seems to just trust, not think on his own quite as much.

Question two:
What makes Huck want to steal back the gold that the king and duke stole ?
Projected answers:
I think that Huck wants to give back the money because he is starting to realize he doesnt like how much the king and duke are deceiving people and stealing from them. Huck is showing his compassion side. He also realizes that it is not right to fool these people, I think he realizes this by seeing how much Mary Jane cares for her uncle.

Question three:
Why on earth does Tom go to such extremes to make their plan harder, and why does he have to follow all these little rules?
Projected answers:
I think Tom takes what he reads a little too seriously, for one thing. When there is a plan that Tom wants to execute, he adds all these little useless details, and requires them to go on, because that is the normal thing to do and so on. Tom also seems to want to seem right all the time, and also wants to be the brains of the operation, so he always comes up with more to do, so he can make the orders.

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