World War 1 Life in the Trenches
World War 1 Life in the Trenches
Life in the trenches is varied differently from alliance to alliance, but the hardship is still the same. So what are the trenches like for our soldiers at war? All of the soldiers face many difficulties while at war.

Death is a constant comrade in war whether in the trenches or not. Constant shellfire brings random deaths to those not even on guard. Many of the soldiers are buried due to large bombardments in the trenches. Death is shown all around not just from bombardments, but also disease and injuries.

Rats, lice, frogs and worse carry disease throughout. Rats are infested by the millions in the trenches. Both the black and brown are feared, but the brown is more feared. The rats will feast on rotting corpses, eating eyes and livers. Which makes the brown rats grow to about the size of a cat. Despite the soldiers hunting these rats with whatever they have, the rats keep reproducing by the hundreds, which cause more contamination in food and the spread of infection.

Rats are not the only nuisances in the trenches. Lice and frog have their toll on the soldiers as well. Lice are a nonstop annoyance. They live in the seams of the soldiers clothing, and more eggs hatch because of the body heat produced by the soldiers. Which cause more itching for the soldiers at war. Frogs, along with slugs and horn beetles are constantly found in the trenches and buried in places near water.

Along with little nuisances comes big responsibility for soldiers when not at the front line in the trenches. An hour before dawn, soldiers are awoken to guard for

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