Environmental Scanning: Ethics and Social Responsibility
Module 2. Environmental Scanning; Ethics and Social Responsibility
Environmental scan for Jamba Juice
Question 1. Environmental Scan Jamba Juice bar.
The project envisages a new juice bar to open near University Granada. Fuentenueva Campus.
Identify factors that you think have an impact on the juice bar market, and indicate whether these factors would tend to enhance opportunities or represent threats.

This environmental scan studies the factors which will affect the success of Jamba Juice Bar in Granada, Spain.
Description of the city and the considered area to locate Jamba Juice Bar.
Granada is located in the South of Spain. It is a medium size city with 234.000 inhabitants, well known for his History and University. Important highlights of the city are:

Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.
It is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada Mountains, 30 min from a ski resort and 60min from the Mediterranean coast.
The city is a tourist spot, because of Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, which is the monument most visited in Spain
Other tourist attractions are the very well preserved Moorish quarter, the Cathedral and countless historic buildings.
First source of incomes for the city is the University of Granada.( 10% GDP of the province).
The number of students of the University is around 56.000, this number rises up to 80.000 if post graduate students are included. 54% of those students come from other cities than Granada and a 7% from other countries (Europe, through Erasmus programme, Morocco, EEUU and a small amount from the rest of the world).

It has several campus: Fuentenueva (10% of students), Cartuja, Centro, and Aynadamar.
The area chosen for the location of Jamba Juice Bar is near Fuentenueva campus, and it includes the area shown in the map (green area):
The red line limits Fuentenueva Campus area, and it includes: Sciences Faculty, Technical School, Cantina, Services building, and Sport facilities.
The orange line limits the area around Fuentenueva Campus, this is the area where major part of students of this campus live.
The green line limited the area with more services for students: Tapas bar, bookshops, City Library.
The students from

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