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characteristics to evaluate controls at a company you are familiar with.
Question for discussion and review
Consider the institution you are currently studying at and list the internal and external factors which might help its administration identify need for change

Explain why the change proceed should be cyclical and not a straight line
Outline the main reasons why employees resist change
Explain the major approaches for overcoming resistance to change. Suppose you are a manager in a small manufacturing plant facing increased competition from foreign-made products and therefore needing to increase productivity. Design a plan to overcome your employees resistance to changes and innovations needed to increase productivity. What is your preferred strategy? What is your least preferred strategy?

Explain force-field analysis. Suggest three situations in which it might be useful in helping you analyze a change situation.
Explain Levins model for overcoming resistance to change and link those steps to a situation you have experienced.
Managers often believe that putting rules regulations into place will help overcome not eliminate conflict. What are the sequences of such an approach? Why?

What are the major causes of conflict in organizations? Can you make links between the causes of conflict and the conflict styles management styles managers adopt?

Discuss the strategies managers can use to overcome conflict situations in organization. Give an example from your own experience
If there is a proven relationship between conflict and change, how can managers best manage change to minimize the possibility of dysfunctional conflict?

Question for discussion and review
Explain the concept of multinational corporation. Identify several major companies that are multinational corporations. Give reasons for your selections.

Describe three major orientations toward international management. Find a newspaper or magazine

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