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Concert Report 1 – Bachfest
The concert that I attended was Bachfest (a tribute to composer Bach). I found the live concert experience to be extremely eye opening and enjoyable, and I have come to realize live music is far superior to recorded music. What I found that live concerts offered, as opposed to recorded music, wasnt necessarily better sound quality, but the setting and mood established by the location, and just as importantly, the people who attended as well.

When I first arrived I was immediately warmed by the inviting and embracing atmosphere of the small church where the concert took place. It was a smaller venue that only housed 15 or so rows of church benches, as well as beautiful stained glass windows with long streamers of well crafted paper cranes hanging from the ceiling. Initially one wouldnt think how much the setting of a concert affects the appreciation of the music itself, but it makes a world of difference in the live setting. As soon as the music started (Bachs Sonatina in G minor performed by pianist and violinist) I was able to relax and fully immerse myself in the music, and I believe this was only made possible by the tranquil setting of the small church. This feeling was at its peak during my favorite piece performed that day, “Auf dem wasser zu singen,” sung by a women who had a voice so beautiful I didnt even know it was humanly possible to have without studio and/or recording equipment. As the concert continued, I found myself feeling more and more at home, and this feeling again was due to the combination of the awe-inspiring music and the homely church environment.

I was also surprised by the way and extent the audience had on my enjoyment of the music. Being at a small church venue, the crowd consisted of more elderly and middle-aged couples, some of which had also brought their young children to enjoy the music. I found that the feeling of “home that the church inspired in me was amplified by the families around me, who would close their eyes and quietly smile to themselves while enjoying the soothing music. I felt as though we were all part of a community sharing an appreciation and experience of something beyond us, and with no words necessary, we all unanimously enjoyed the concert and moving classical music together as a family. If these feelings are not enough to invoke someones inner peace, I do not know what will. So to have an audience appreciating together as a group, truly increases and amplifies an individuals enjoyment of music.

I think if I were to listen to the same songs on a recording I believe I would still enjoy the music quality and sound, however I would be missing the context in which it was written and/or performed. So without going to see a live concert, an individual is only getting to experience a small portion of what the music actually offers, and will miss

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