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Section A:
In order to explain the three concepts of the expectancy theory, I must first give a brief definition of it. An individuals desire to act depends on the expected results of said act and the reward that outcome produces, being attractive to said individual. There are three concepts outlined in the Expectancy Theory, which are: Expectancy, instrumentality and valence.

The first concept expectancy is described as the effort-performance relationship. This concept is the perceived idea that if I work hard, I will perform well, which will show my self-efficiency.

The second concept is instrumentality, which is referred to as the personal-rewards relationship. This concept is the perceived idea that the performance that is achieved will be followed by a desirable reward.

The third concept is valance, which is referred to as the rewards-personal goals relationship. This concept is the value the individual places on rewards, such as: Do they meet the individuals requirements of a reward worth trying to obtain?

Section B:
Based on the given scenario, Supervisor B should approach Supervisor A with some possible solutions for the employees to reach the companys production goals. These suggestions should be based on the information derived by Supervisor Bs conversation with the employees under Supervisor As management. Supervisor B should implement changes that follow the expectancy theory model.

The first concept in the expectancy theory is focusing on the effort-performance relationship. Based on the employee comments in the scenario that they do not believe they are capable of being successful with the new process, the supervisors will need to strengthen the employees perception that the effort they put forth will in turn produce the desired performance.

The second concept in the expectancy theory is focusing on the performance-reward relationship. Based on the scenario, the employees do not believe that meeting the companys new production goals will affect them in any way, since there is no difference in salary for the employees that meet the department goals and the ones that do not. In order to address this perception, the company must define the expectations of all the employees and tie any rewards to the performance of each employee as an individual and not as a group.

Finally, the third concept in the expectancy theory is focusing on the reward-personal goals relationship. Based on the employees comments in the scenario that the bonuses given for reaching the production goals that have been set are so small that it is not worth the effort to try and obtain it. The company could address these concerns by making sure that the reward

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