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Concept of the Hotel
Concept of the Hotel        The name of our hotel is “Rosewood Hotel”. Our hotel is 5 star hotel that serving 4 star price and five star experiences for the guest. Normally a five star hotel, their selling price and cost would be much higher comparing with others star hotels. The concept of four equal to five is an excellent hotel new concept to target several of market people and a great choice for smart traveler. It is because our hotel is a five star service, but the price will be slightly cheaper than other give star hotel. Therefore, some of the guests consider that some of the hotel’s facilities are not necessary to be pay because they are not using it after check out. Besides that, the price rate for our hotel is four star rates; the hotel’s facilities quality is same as five star facilities but unnecessary facilities would not include with the stay. The price is cheaper than normally five star hotels price and it is high quality basics such as five star beds and powerful hot showers. Rosewood hotel core proposition is to offer a great night’s sleep with a reasonable price. It is also could give our guests has more money spending in shopping instead of paying high amount with their stay only. Based on my research, a guests state that “If I am not using it, I am not paying for it”, it is a simple word that can show that our concept is suit for them and others peopleThe five star experience includes 5 star sleeping, powerful hotel shower, daily room cleaning, 24 hours security system and central and convenient. The room would be clean daily because of hygiene purpose and the bed linen will be change daily also because we want to save earth’s resource. If the hotel’s guests stained the bed linen or damage, we no need to replace or reorder from the manufacture. Each room would be issue two access keycard for the staying guests. It is to make sure our hotel guests are in safe staying with their room and privacy. Our hotel also has CCTV located at each floor and some less contact place such as car park and backside of the hotel. Security department will restrict on duty at public access. It could promise the guest’s safety and meet their expectation through this five star experience.         Furthermore, our hotel is more advance in technology such as self-check in system and robotic luggage concierge. We will remain the personal check in by front desk staff because we also still consider some people are more prefer personal service. Self-check in system are more convenience and effective way to reduce customer time in queue in front of reception counter. However, group stay are prefer to check in by front desk because it is take time to issue the assess card by self-check in system. Robotic luggage concierge is a very new technology in world, but it is something that awesome for the guests. They are requiring inputting their room assess card, the robot will very fast to detect their information, and issue their luggage to the particular person. It is also can save hotel labor cost in concierge and it will reduce the risk in issue wrong bag to the guests.

Not only that, our hotel provide free high speed Wi-Fi assess for every guests, it is because Wi-Fi is there essential resources for nowadays people. We are providing free workstations for those guests who have urgent matter or work need to be done without their own laptop when traveling, so they could use it in anytime. Rosewood hotel have four food and beverage outlet that is find dining restaurant, buffet restaurant, Japanese restaurant and club lounge. Our hotel has a piano performance area for the guest that wish to play it. We will recruit some professional to performant every night, so the guest can enjoy the beautiful music. There have a flexible space for the guest to enjoy the music in the lobby; it has many of sofa to let them sit and waiting for check in. Lastly, Rosewood hotel has private club cabins for work and parties. It is normally for business man to meeting or doing their work in a quite cabin. Lobby Design[pic 1]This is group floor hotel lobby design. Our hotel has four type of sofa provide in the lobby to the guests as they are waiting to check in or out and watching television with their free time. The guests also can enjoy professional piano (Figure1.1) player at the lobby that play several famous song to attract some guests revisit our hotel again. In the lobby, it has a self-check in counter (Figure1.2) for the guest to check-in by themselves in a shortcut way and save time. They are no need to queue up and waiting, but they are requiring making reservation before come to the hotel stay. It is to ensure they have a room well prepare for them, if they are walk-in guest, it may due to full house problem and they need to change to another hotel. Furthermore, we also using robotic luggage concierge (Figure1.3) to handle whole hotel guest luggage by using their room access card and their personal details after they are key in to get their own luggage. Our hotel lobby will install five elevators to convenience our guests travel in our hotel. Our hotel also create an emergency staircase to the guests that near with robotic luggage concierge and in case there is fire happen, all the staff and guest can using the shorter way to leave the hotel. There have some beautiful plants and medium tree will be located inside the lobby to make the ambience look more go green.

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