Enhancing the Quality of Customer Services
Essay Preview: Enhancing the Quality of Customer Services
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TABLE OF CONTENTSDECLARATION        ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS        ABSTRACT        TABLE OF CONTENTS        LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES        LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS        PART A: INTRODUCTION        1.        RATIONALE TO THE RESEARCH        2.        OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY        2.1  General Objectives        2.2   Specific Objectives        3.        SCOPE OF THE STUDY        4.        METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY        5.        SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY        6.        STRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDY        PART B:  DEVELOPMENT        CHAPTER 1: THEORETICAL BACKGROUND        1.1        Definition        1.1.1        The concept of commercial bank        1.1.2        The concept of customer services        1.2        The aspects studied by the thesis        1.2.1        The psychology of customers when choosing commercial banks’ services        1.2.2        Benefits of customer services        1.3        Other similar studies and their focus        1.4. Summary        CHAPTER 2: THE REALITY OF CUSTOMER SERVICES        2.1        In Viet Nam        2.2        In Agribank and Its East Branch of Hanoi        2.2.1 In Agribank        2.2.2  In Agribank East Branch of Hanoi        2.3        Summary        CHAPTER 3: SOLUTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS _        3.1        Solutions and recommendation for economic development orientation of Agribank        3.1.1        The development strategy of Agribank        3.1.2        The development orientation of Agribank        3.1.3        The credit activities orientation of Agribank

3.2        Solutions and recommendations to upgrade the customer services in Agribank Eastern Branch of Hanoi        3.2.1        The strategy to develop and strengthen customer base        3.2.2        Enhancing staff’s professional competence        3.2.3        Creating convenient products and services for customers        3.2.4        Applying successful methods of other world banks        3.2.5        Determining the relationship between banks and customers        3.2.6        Understanding customer’s requirements and satisfactions        3.2.7        Upgrading the technological system and product stability        3.2.8        Offering knowledge to customers        3.2.9   Providing Immediate Support        3.3        Summary        PART C: CONCLUSION        1.        Recapitulations and concluding remarks        2.        Implications of the thesis        3.        Limitations and proposals for further study        REFERENCES        PART A: INTRODUCTIONIt is undoubtedly recognized by numerous scholars that customers play a crucial role in any organization. Additionally, customer services are the core value and basement to develop any other departments in a company. Therefore, upgrading customer services’ quality is the key of success of any business.

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