Local Area Network Report Proposal
Essay Preview: Local Area Network Report Proposal
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To: Information Manager Office (ATTN: Mr. Black) August 18, 2003
FROM: Operations (ATTN: Theodore Robinson)
DATE: August 18, 2003
This report is in response to the various security and maintenance problem this company has experiencd over years. I propose to study the problem and develop a baseline defense in handling procedures for personnel using computers and the local area network (LAN).

My proposal, written for Information Management Office and staff, will cover these areas:
An assessment of the problem and the need for this report
The proposed plan is covered in phases outlining an approach to better the company ability to maintain a trouble free network.
Interviews of personnel in the Information Technology field and the likely benefits of adopting this proposal.
All recommendations for improvement will be based on the collected evidence in my report. I will be happy to further discuss this proposal with you at anytime.

I. Introduction:
Statement of Problem.
In 2003, the company experienced a major increase of problems with the
Local Area Network (LAN). The LAN downtime has double from previous
years. Theres also an increase of maintenance problem with computers
systems this includes hardware and software. Some users have acquired the
authority to load there own software on their system, this has attributed to
some users purchasing or borrowing software from unimproved sources and
loading them on to their systems. If these actions continue it may cause
irreversible damage to our information system. This is causing this unit
thousandth of dollars per month.
This proposal examines the computer and LAN problems from the
viewpoint of new and old employees, the tier one and tier two information
system managers. It then offers a plan to make the system more secure
against hackers. In addition, it recommends ways to improve the computer
and system maintenance making it a more secure environment for the
entire company.
The data is compiled from a company wide-interview questionnaire,
interviews with employees; email inquiries to companies similar to 1st
Battalion Engineers, the internet, and over six years of observations of
military information system networks.
Details of the Problem.
This subsection examines the severity and causes of security and maintenance
problems on the LAN.
Since 2001, the company has experienced a continuous increase of
computer system problems. Personnel are allowed too many privileges with
their assigned computers and the local area network, and the use of
unapproved software, which only compounds this problem. We experienced
four major system problems in the past year that led to the entire LAN being
in-operable. Many users lack the know-how to operate their system. Upon in-
processing employees are presented with numerous passwords that they
tend to write down on paper and attached to their desk or computer this
represents a major security flaw to any company that processes classified
The following were specific concerns noted by the Information System
Manager, technicians, and the employer (in descending order of importance):
1. New employees loading unauthorized software on the company systems.
Passwords not being safe-guarded
Hardware added to the system

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