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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]JOB ANALYSISHUMAN RESOURCE PLANNINGFINAL PROJECREFU GENERAL ISNURNACE LIMITEDCourse Instructor: Hina MubeenSubmitted by:Ramsha Saif (bba-141026)Kanza Saif (bba-141023)COMPANY INTRODUCTIONEFU General Insurance Limited provides non-life insurance products and services in Pakistan. It operates in four segments: Fire and Property, Marine, Motor, and Miscellaneous. The company’s products include aviation insurance; marine cargo and marine hull insurance; motor insurance; fire and engineering insurance; and miscellaneous insurance products, such as personal accident, worker’s compensation, travel, liability, fidelity, money, plate glass, burglary, golfers, credit cards, computer crime, bankers blanket bond, plastic card, electronic and computer crime, safe deposit box, money, professional indemnity, directors and officers liability, public and product liability, crop, livestock, and travel insurance products. The most important aspect of their operation is that they have created a separate Risk Management Team and an Engineering Group who work closely with clients to identify various risk exposures and then provide specific insurance. This helps in loss prevention and reducing the cost of premium. Their market-driven team of inspired and technically qualified insurance personnel, specializing in civil, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics and having overseas linkages, is on-call for necessary professional advice at all times. It is their policy not only to provide protection and risk reduction but help clients develop preventive capabilities to avert major perils and calamities. Over the years they have developed a full range of insurance services for large infrastructure projects including the areas of oil/gas exploration field.The company is fully equipped with technical, marketing and managerial skills supported by reinsurance arrangements with a number of European firms of international repute to cater for all classes of specialized insurance and provide customer service of the highest quality. Their clients include both large and medium sized organizations in all sectors of the economy. They are committed to new product development and innovation, legendary customer service and a promise that everything they do, they do from the heart. The company serves commercial and individual clients through a network of 54 branches in Pakistan, including a branch in Export Processing Zone. EFU General Insurance Limited was founded in 1932 and is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Total number of employees working in EFU is 1,248.

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