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Situation Analysis of Coca Cola PakistanLetter of TransmittalDate 26 August 26, 2014Board of DirectorsCoca-Cola, PakistanDear Sir,Subject: A comprehensive situation analysis for the company Coca-ColaThe following is a report on the company Coca Cola Pakistan, part of the Coca Cola International. The report is on the situational analysis of the company. The report covers the SWOT analysis and also covers briefly the internal and external environment of the company. In addition to this, the analysis also includes the competitive advantage and strategic focus of the company, which is important for analyzing the focus of the organization.The primary source of information was the company website and annual reports were used to gauge the strength of the company financials. Other than this in secondary resources, articles and opinions on the Internet were reviewed to provide a picture of the opinion on the company. The company’s main competitors were also carefully viewed to provide understanding for the threats faced by the company. There has also been some analysis provided that I am sure would be very helpful for you in utilizing the findings of this report.

RegardsAbdullah ZaferExecutive SummaryThe report is a situational analysis of the company Coca Cola Pakistan which is part of the parent company Coca Cola International. The carbonated beverages company has a distribution network above a quarter million and employees a work force of 3000. It is a sizable company that has revenues in the millions of dollars. The situation analysis starts with a brief background of the company. After this the Internal environment of the company is discussed which talks about the number of bottling plants and the main products of the company. After this the external environment of the company is discussed briefly and some direct and indirect interactive forces in the external environment are discussed which pertain to the political and legal environment and also the customer preferences as a force shaping the company policies. After this the situational analysis includes the SWOT analysis. This is detailed and the major strengths and weakness are identified for the company in the Pakistani market. The SWOT matrix succeeding the SWOT, maps the strengths with the opportunities as well as the weakness with the threats. Furthermore the report goes on to include the strategic focus and competitive advantage of the company and the brand power of the Coca Cola brand is analyzed in detail to provide as an advantage. In addition to this, ethical and social aspect of the company vision and marketing is discussed and the shortcomings sighted. Finally the conclusion reiterates the overall situation analysis of the company and focuses on some key analysis provided.

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