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My name is Abdullahi Abdi Hassan and I am a student from Kenya. I have travelled through such a large distance to explore new experiences while in AIU and make positive changes in life. I wish to enhance my innovative and broad-thinking personality while in AIU. This portfolio will be about my best work portfolio where I will choose two entries about my best works that I have done within this year.

To begin with, upon my arrival at AIU, I realized that community service programs are part of its core values. I believe that community service activities are intended to enhance the curriculum or education components of the university. It encourages learning through active participation in organized service experiences which meet an actual community needs. These are coordinated in collaboration with the student affairs department and the community leaders. Because of the value of community service, I have selected the two that reflected an increasing diversity, including diversity of culture, ethnicity, behavior, talents and abilities. Within the course of this year, I participated in a cleaning program conducted in the male hostel of the university sparkly clean. The second and the most important community service which I have participated in few months back was the one we conducted at Rumah Amal School of slow learners along with the corresponding group 8 from FSP students. These two community service programs particularly promoted respect, understanding, and cooperation among all students of different nationalities. Such kinds of programs extend the classroom learned concepts

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