Teenage Responsibility
Teenage Responsibility
Teenage Responsibility
“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of their choices”; stated by: Alfred A. Montapert, an American motivational Author. When a child becomes 13, he or she should take the responsibility for his or her actions. At the age of 13, children become teenagers and they have learned enough to understand what is right from wrong and what is acceptable in out modern day society. The earlier teens take responsibility, the better they will be prepared for life when they get older. Teens need to understand the consequences of their actions and realize the implications on others. This means that when things go wrong, teenagers need to actually experience the consequences.

Many children under thirteen still have not acquired enough knowledge to make the correct moral judgments. An example would be: When my brother was in fifth grade, a kid brought a knife to school saying that he was going to kill the principal. When someone heard about it, they told teachers who then called the police. This caused a lock down for two hours. The police came and found the kid hiding in the bushes. If this child had learned not to bring knives to school and not to threaten anyone, he would have very likely make a different, morally correct judgment.

About 8 years ago, a 7 year old child in New York wanted to be like Mary Poppins, so she decided to jump off an 8 story building with an umbrella. She thought that a weak umbrella would let her float down to the ground. Obviously, she died a very horrible death, all because she didnt know better. Many children do not have enough knowledge to understand that the things are wrong to do. In this case, the child did not have enough common sense and scientific knowledge to understand that an umbrella cannot be a parachute. When children become thirteen, they generally have learned enough common sense from school and parents about not doing stupid things.

A lot of children also do not have good eating habits. When a child eats something that tastes good, he will probably want more of it. He will not know if it’s bad or good

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