Pest Analysis of Brazil
Essay Preview: Pest Analysis of Brazil
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Social Factors
In the workplace, stereotype Brazilians are generally not time-conscious causing to their frequent lateness. This may affect the operations of the energy firm and this bad to business. Further, most of them require affiliation that doing a certain work must be confined with other people that are closest to them such as family and friends. Thus, professionalism is disrupted by this value and might affect the objectivity and effectiveness of the work at hand. The strength of family ties is very strong in the Brazil.

On the other hand, the Australian stereotype is described as democratic and tolerant to other behavior. They are also easy going and like humor. Although family ties are generally strong, being patriotic is also an important value to Australians. They also have the temptation to favor individuals or groups that are “underdogs” in a competition or comparison of performance. These characteristics are somewhat preferred than Brazilian counterpart.

Technological Factors
The common problem in the public infrastructure of Brazil is that its spending on this issue is decreasing since 1980s. The population continued to experience occasional brown-outs and also its power generating capacity confronts historical problem from 1960-1980 level of 10% growth to only 3% for today. This would serve as opportunity for the energy producer as long as it surpasses political and legal restrictions. In contrast, the electricity rationing in Australia is generally better than Brazil. Although there are rural problems, the current government has identified programs to mitigate the difficulty. Another issue is the ageing of the public infrastructure in Australia which may call the capabilities of the energy firms if ever government corporations are not available.

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