Development Tools and Vision Strategy
The software development tool that will be implemented during the course of the program will be Visual Studio. This allows the developers to program in a common language, VBA. Since this is a widely known language it will assist the developer if they have to bring people in to help with writing any part of the code. Although there isn’t as much that you can do in some other languages, the cost is offset by the functionality of the language.

Visual Basic is a programming language used in developing applications in Visual Studio. This gives the developers the chance to see the code as they write it, while also providing check and balances along the way to ensure that the code is entered correctly. This will also help to reduce the amount of time taken to write the code, because the developers will not have to go back over the section to search for missing or misplaced code, as the program does it for you as you type.

To manage the version control of the program, a backup copy will be made monthly. This will ensure that if anything happens to the program while developing the next revision, the latest copy will always be available to implement, if needed. The base program will begin with version 1.0. The sub number will be for revisions made during that monthly time frame. This will allow the developers to understand at what sub number the program begin to malfunction and gives them a place to start looking at coding techniques to determine the cause. Each month the main revision number will be updated. This will increase for the first twelve months at which point there will be a new revision number added. The number then will read 0.1.0. And will continue to increase with the revision amount and monthly amount as usually.

Every revision will implemented at a time that will not cause any down time to the user, primarily overnight, so there is little to no impact on the capacity of the program or the business. This

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