Times in Power – Oliver Cromwell
Times in power
Oliver Cromwell:
During his power, Cromwell kept power to himself. None of the parliaments pleased him. Cromwell used relatives, including his two sons, and old friend from the army to help him rule. The Major Generate from the army had invited him to be the king, but he refused. He carried on being Protector. Moreover as Cromwell is a protector of Puritans. So people had to live a Puritan life style. The laws were; no swearing, no gambling or drunkenness was allowed. Sport was banned, including football. Theatres were closed and Christmas was abolished. Even several pubs closed down.

Under Cromwells rule, England was at peace- theres no wars. He made friends with France, which made England more powerful country in Europe. Moreover Taxes increased under Cromwell and the money was given to the poor. And the poor were better treated under Cromwell.

During this power, the people are in a state terror. This is because King Louis XVI has just been executed, and Robespierre and the Jacobins have taken over the power in France, creating a Reign of Terror. Over 14,000 opponents of the Revolution were executed. The fashionable method was the guillotine which came to represent the tremendous power of the revolutionary leaders. The leaders of the Revolution felt threatened by royalist and enemies abroad who could overthrow them. Moreover the committee of Public Safety was decided to enforce strict laws and punishment to bring order back to the country. The calendar has changed as an act of rebellion against the traditional power of Catholic Church. Year has started again from year one. And Sunday were banned.

Oliver Cromwell:
This day we are not sure whether historians have found out or knew about Cromwell‘s motivation.

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