Reflection of My Personal Writing Skills
Essay Preview: Reflection of My Personal Writing Skills
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Final Assignment Week 6
Reflection of my Personal Writing Skills
Reflection of my Personal Writing Skills
In this course, I learned my strengths and weaknesses, regarding my writing skills. In my essay, I will explain what I found to be most challenging and what I still need to improve on in the future.

Writing a thesis statement was the most challenging for me. In reading, identifying a Thesis (Nadell 2011, pg. 34) “The thesis presents your position on a subject, should focus on an interesting and significant issue, on that engages your energies and merits your consideration”. I struggled with finding the correct thesis statement because I kept leaving out my position on the subject.

In my next persuasive essay, I will improve on further research on applying APA style to my writing. I need to improve on this because I had some grammatical errors in my writing. In reading, Comma Splices and Run-On Sentences (Nadell 2011, pg. 607) “A comma splice occurs when a comma is used to join, or splice together, two complete thoughts, even though a comma alone is not strong enough to connect the two independent clauses”. I had too many commas and run-on sentences in some of my previous essay, and I need to improve on this in the future.

Strength I have is staying on a schedule when completing my writing assignments. In reading, Make a Schedule (Nadell 2011, pg. 470) “Before you begin the research stage, make a schedule”. Before I began my assignments for the week, I prepared a schedule. I had to do this because I work full-time and have a family at home that I need to attend. I was able to complete all of my assignments timely, because I stuck to my schedule, and was able to attend to my family needs. I would recommend this to future students that have to work a full-time job and still tend to their family.

I feel being able to write a persuasive essay will allow me to be more successful in my career. In reading, Argumentation-Persuasion (Nadell 2011, pg. 399) “Argumentation-persuasion, however, involves more than presenting a point of view and providing evidence. Unlike other forms of writing, it assumes controversy and addresses opposing viewpoints”. In the future when I write I need to make sure what audience I want to persuade, a supportive, wavering or hostile audience. I need to know this so I will be able to connect with my audience, especially if I have to write an article at work.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot through my English Composition 1001 course. I will apply all of the writing skills I gained through this course on all future essays or writings.

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