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Journal #6
It was a bit hectic trying to figure out what exactly we wanted to do as a class for our “Out of Comfort Zone” project but we finally came up with the idea of going to the mall. Originally, I didnt like that idea but it grew on me. I was looking forward to the thrill and awkward feeling that awaited me that day. I couldnt help but to think about it at home and even during my classes. I also found myself bragging about the experience that I was going to have to friends ad family. I had a lot of people ask, “What class is that?” and I proudly told them which class to take. I truly enjoyed the diversity classes I took this semester and I look forward to taking more in the future.

When the day finally came I was anxious to know if anyone else was as excited as I was, come to find out that it seemed as if everyone just wanted to do it and get it over with. We also ended up changing the mall we originally planed to go to and decided to go to one that was closer to campus. To be honest I was looking forward to riding in a class van and bonding on our way there and back but the mall we went to was good enough. Although things seemed a little disorganized that night I still enjoyed my self and my experience was definitely an uncomfortable one.

Overall, I enjoyed this dialogue. I wish we had more days to lean and discuss more about our appearance and what society dictates to be the “Norm” but I guess our thanksgiving break cut our lesson plans a bit short. Still I soaked in everything I learned from this experience; from the opinions and reactions of my classmates to the physical activities we did as a group. To hear what the my classmates were insecure about concerning their appearance made me realize that I wasnt alone and that everyone has insecurities. Everything that this dialogue had to offer was beneficial and I hope that I will be able to grasp as much or even more information with the different dialogues I decide to take in the future.

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