I-70 Expansion
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I-70 Expansion
I-70 is a highway that many people from Denver use every day. Snowboarders and skier rely on this road every winter. Any snow enthusiast will have a story for how long they have spent in there car between the Eisenhower Tunnel and Denver. It is also used a lot in the summers by many outdoorsmen. The traffic has been a problem for the last half of the decade. Colorado relies on tourist getting up to the mountains so there towns can make money every year. I-70 could discourage people from going up I-70 on the weekends, because they might not want to go because of traffic. Right now Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is looking in to possible solutions on how to make this road more efficient.

The I-70 is a project in the working with more and more cars traveling to the mountains every year. Joe Garner from the Rocky Mountain news said “The numbers of cars on I-70 have increased by 2 percent a year.”(Oct. 1, 2005). With all of this traffic there has to be a solution on how to get this road capable to handle more people. We have to make alternate ways for people to get to the mountains without using their car. It Looking at a few of the solutions to reach the mountains and how the can effect the economics of the towns and ski areas around I-70.

The main solution is to expand I-70 to six lanes in many areas. This will require a lot of work. They will have to drill out a few tunnels including the massive Eisenhower. While the work is in process they will have traffic that can not

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