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The Responsibility Project
College athletes are generally referred to as student-athletes, emphasis on student first athlete secondary. In the video Round Table: College Sports: Is there a lack of responsibility in college athletics, the members of the round table discuss the growing issue with colleges placing more emphasis on a student athletes sport than their education. In November 2009, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) published a report stating that 79% of college athletes graduate with a degree within six years for the years 1999-2002. Of the 36 college sports in the study, three sports stood out. Mens Division I basketball, football, and baseball with graduation levels of 64%, 67% and 69% respectively, which is still above the national average of 62% for the 99-02 time frame (NCAA, 2009) . Yet those numbers do not divulge the entire truth.

It is common knowledge that many college athletes that go on to professional sports are not fully prepared for any career after their professional sports career is over. One example is Dexter Manley, a former defensive end for the Washington Redskins, who left Oklahoma State University after four years illiterate, unable even to read about his accolades in the sports page on Monday morning (Petina, 1990). Many people believe that college athletes should be paid for their participation, while many others believe that the value of a free college education is more than enough compensation for a student athlete. In October 2011, the NCAA passed legislation granting student athletes a $2,000 stipend. It was quickly placed on hold as 125 schools requested a delay. As of the writing of this paper, it is still on hold.

Student athletes are often placed in very stressful situations with an excessive amount of temptation right in front of them. Not only are they required to participate in practice for their respective sport, which can take up to 50 hours a week, they must also carry a full class schedule, which is daunting enough for any regular student. While a regular student can afford the time to take on a part time job to provide them with some spare money to spend on the themselves, a student athlete simply cant afford the time. Gifts ranging in everything from movie tickets to cars are offered to these student athletes on a near constant basis. With the established rules of the NCAA, taking these gifts is punishable. The pressure placed upon these athletes not only comes from their busy schedules but also their social responsibility to the college community to set examples, no one expects the star quarterback of a prestigious school to be walking around without any money to purchase himself new clothes or food. These personal disadvantages of the student athletes often lead them to make decisions that also affect the organization. The Reggie Bush Scandal while he played at University of South California is a recent

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