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Imagine that you have been asked by your school counselor to choose a college recruiting poster to hang in your school. Consider the two posters carefully, noting how they are both similar and different. Click here to view the picture. Pay special attention to how the words and images are used to convey the marketing messages. Which poster would you choose to hang in your school? Why does the poster you chose appeal more effectively to students in your age group? Be sure to support your choice with specific references to the words, images, and layouts of the posters.[pic 1]  I personally would choose poster one to hang in my school. It has a neater appearance to it and it’s more appealing to look at. As a student, I understand what my peers like and what appeals to them visually. The second poster is unorganized and confusing to look at. It explains the University program in more detail than poster one does, but it’s very cluttered.   Poster one is much more visually appealing than poster two. It’s very straightforward, it lists the name of the University program and it lists the cities the students would be traveling to. Poster two puts the program into a different perspective, it doesn’t list the cities you’re going to directly, but it implies which cities. It makes the program sound more exciting, but it’s very cluttered and some students might have trouble comprehending it. Some might glance at it and not want to read the rest because it’s too difficult to read.

The font and overall color of poster one is much more appealing than the font and the bulletin board look of poster two. The font of poster one is simple to read. The font of poster two is in cursive, which can make it harder to read for some students. The colors of poster two makes it to where it would be difficult for some students to read. There is a bulletin board setting where note cards are pinned to it, explaining what the program involves. Some words on the note cards are crossed out, which can be confusing for some students to read.   There are also a few pictures of the locations listed on poster one, which is visually appealing and might convince the students to become a part of this program so they can see all these beautiful places. On poster two, there are no pictures; it doesn’t even list all the places you would be traveling to. If the students were really serious about the University program, they would be very intrigued by poster one, even though it doesn’t make the program very exciting.   Even though poster two is more exciting, it is confusing and not very easy to read and comprehend. Poster one would be the best choice to hang in the school. It is neat, visually appealing, and the pictures make it exciting to look at. The students that are excited about travelling internationally in college would be very enticed by this poster and would want further information.

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