College Level Essay
College Level Essay
How to Write a College Level Essay
Writing College Level Essay
To write a college level essay requires a little more breadth and depth of knowledge of the topic than that required for essays in school or at school leaving stage. This necessity arises out of a requirement to write more, actually much more as a college level essay could run into five to ten thousand words or about 20 single spaced typed pages.

Even though length of a college level essay is intended to promote creativity with focused presentations in detail, yet this feature makes a college level essay as much dreaded homework, assignment or examination question as a school level essay is for school students.

However, a college level essay is also an essay and to write it one needs to follow the same systematic approach learnt in school. Following the nine step approach outlined given below will be useful if you have to write a college level essay.

Nine Easy Steps to Write a College Level Essay
1) Diligently research. Research begins much before writing and has to be pursued until your college level essay is complete and you feel satisfied with your outcome. Choose a topic in which you can excel. This may not always be possible. Like when a topic has been provided by your course instructor, but whenever possible research before choosing your topic. After choosing a topic, more research is required to gather focused information. Take notes while you research. Compile an annotated bibliography containing content you may wish to cite in your essay. Citations can account for up to one tenth of the content. Take detailed notes. If you are required to include 20 citations, then have an annotated bibliography of 40 references. Exceeding the given limit will get you more credit and while drafting and finalizing your essay you may find some references of your annotated bibliography irrelevant on second thought.

2) Brainstorm and think. Think analytically. After reading about the topic and other writers sit down to brainstorm. If you have peers to join you in the task, so much the better. Even alone, try to strike all possible angles. Critically look at the views of all other writers whose work you have studied. Choose acceptable arguments and also carefully take notes to discard other arguments. Gradually you should be able to see the tunnel with the light shining at the other end.

3) Get something original. As the brainstorm recedes sift through the ideas tossed around and left in its wake. There will be a couple of original or at least fresh ideas you would do well to record now. At least there will be some fresh insights in some old ideas even if you find nothing brand new. Trust your intelligence. For, if you do not trust it, why would others do so?

4) Time to draft a thesis statement. Do it with care. It must have been already conceived during the process of your research and brain storming. Shape it and nurture it with loving care of a parent. This thesis statement is what a reader should remember and be impressed with after reading your essay. Keep it focused and demonstrative of your conclusions.

5) Draw an outline for your college level essay. You are a grown up person. A lot is expected from you in a college level essay. You will need to divide the essay into chapters or sections and divide them

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