Drinking on College Campus
Essay Preview: Drinking on College Campus
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Drinking on College Campus
An increasing amount of students on college campuses are gambling with their lives each time they attend parties on campus or go off campus for social drinking. Most times to often campus drinking or social drinking can turn into consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time. This type of drinking is known as binge drinking. Many college students consider this recreational way of life which is strengthened by the bars that are located so close to college campuses. A lot of fraternity and sorority house on campuses encourage this type of drinking and are known for their wild parties. College students think that they are just having fun during these drinking parties but it can lead to alcohol dependency, serious health issues and in short death. College campuses should strive to make the campus alcohol-free ones.

College should be for students wanting to learn, however when the binge drinking starts it will hinder the ability to learn. High amounts of alcohol can damage the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus areas of the brain which are still being developed in college aged students. Note that the hippocampus is the area of your brain that is used for memory and learning. A study done by “Dr. Michael De Bellis at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center used resonance imaging to compare the brains of 14-21 year olds who abused alcohol to the brains of those who did not. The longer a person had a drinking problem, the smaller his/her hippocampus-by about ten percent” Studies have been done that show high amounts of alcohol lead to interference in the growth of the new brain cells.

Once college students become drunk their ability to make good decisions is tapered. To the nervous system alcohol acts as a sedative. By reducing the controls of the brain it will reduces your reserves. When drinking ones judgment, feelings, and views are affected. A person can become invulnerable in their own eyes. They tend to act thoughtlessly. This thoughtlessness can turn into taking the life of another person or possible their own life. Plus lead to unwelcome pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. The results of drinking tumble over into the classroom presence. The incapability to stay attentive on school work will cause attendance and educational performance to decline. The risk will be high for them to

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