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2016 collateral issues
The leading presidential candidates of the 2016 election of the United States faced various collateral issues. They each faced accusations from rival campaign camps in attempts to sway the public opinions in their favor. Some of the issues raised by either party, such as the interference of Russia during the elections, were later cleared (Abrahams). However, some of the matters remain under investigation or need to be answered by the leaders. The primary collateral issues that remain include the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton and the source of Trump’s inauguration funds.

Firstly, an investigation is still undergoing in the United States on approximately $107 million that was raised during the Inauguration of Donald Trump (Abrahams). The federal prosecution in this instance seeks to determine the actual source of the funds, whether exclusive access or favors was given to the donors, and how the money was used. Sam Pattern, who was a consultant of the Republic party, admitted receiving $50000 from Ukraine for the inauguration (Abrahams). More evidence concerning the funds of the inauguration was discovered during the investigation of Trumps lawyer Cohen. Currently, the attorney’s offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan are investigating the use of donor funding by the Trump campaign.

Clinton also faced collateral issues in terms of emails licked by WikiLeaks in the run-up to the elections. Controversy arose from the accusations that Clinton used her private email server in her official duties during the Obama Administration. Investigations conducted by the FBI discovered classified information in approximately 100 emails found on her server (Dehiya et al.). Consequently, experts and some of the congress members argued that her actions were contrary to federal law. The controversy represents one of the collateral issues that faced the candidates due to their desire to run for president.

Ultimately, the 2016 election drew several collateral issues among the parties that contested for presidency. Some of the critical issues raised, including the interference of Russia during the vote have been cleared. However, Trump still faces questions on the source of his inauguration funds and as to whether the donors influence his administration (Abrahams). Therefore, I believe the issues raised and the investigations related to the source of the inaugurations funds to be one of the significant collateral matters. Clinton’s use of a private server to conduct official duties also came to light mainly because she ran for the presidency. While she ought to have used official, secure channels of communication, she chose her private servers. Therefore, it is accurate to note that for one to run for the presidency, he or she has to be ready for various issues that might arise.

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