Critical Analysis
Collaborative Online Resource Environment (CORE) is a joint partnership between Rocky View Schools (RVS), the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District, Golden Hills School Division and Canadian Rockies Public Schools. CORE will allow teachers to access 21st century resources such as digital books, newspapers, audio, video and educational games. These resources will be incorporated into lesson plans. With CORE, all these schools can collaborate and be able to teach one another the best new learning methods. It will create one point of access that a teachers and student can go to and search for any specific type of digital resource.

IS Implications
CORE is a brilliant idea with lot of benefits and opportunities for collaboration on the best use of newest learning technologies to improve teaching and learning. But the network and database requirements must be adequate, among several other technological challenges that will have to be resolved before this idea can be implemented successfully. These challenges may include the following –

Intellectual Property
A major barrier to implementing CORE collaboration idea is to satisfy the associated concept of Intellectual property. Several documents and materials that have to be shared on this platform may require authorization, agreement and licenses. This requirement must be met, in order to avoid lawsuits. Additionally, the consent to use the lesson plans and materials of the participating teachers will have to be obtained before utilizing them on the CORE network.

Access Control & Security of Information
Since this platform will be shared by many people from several locations, the data must not be compromised in any way. Among other things, the system should operate on a very good anti-virus and other security protection

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