Coca-Cola and Communication Channel
Coca-Cola and communication channel:
This is to analyse the new trend of the company in using internet and the Web as a powerful tool to reach its target customers. Some real example and applications are mentioned such as my-coke-music, Coke Zone, Coke Facebook.

Product differentiation:
Coca-Cola has applied some new features to Coke Zero as well as the marketing strategy to fit with it. For example, Coke Zero is made to keep a full taste with zero calory, the packaging is also changed to deliver a new message. Besides, Coke Zero is designed to better fullfil the market for dieters which has been done so far by its “sister brand” : Diet Coke. The reason is the word “diet” could only attract women rather than men.

Marketing Mix: the 4Ps have been mentioned to demonstrate how the company sets its strategy for Coke Zero.
The company segmented the soft drink market into homogenous segments to understand the needs and wants of each segment and then designed Coke Zero to meet the wants of consumers. After realizing a demographic hole in the market, they launched the Coke Zero for young male adults who represent the 40% of the soft drink market.

Targeting – Target Market:
Coke Zero was introduced to better target young adults, especially males who do not prefer to consume soft-drinks associated with the word “diet” or “sugar free”. Their perceptions are because of strong female relation and not being in full taste. The expanded target profile is for also young males, young females and diabetes in all ages to let them enjoythe sugar-free but real taste corbonated drink.

Coke Zero positioned itself as not just another diet coke but as a remarkable

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