Coconut Milk
Nowadays, food and beverage consumers are more aware of health concerns and organic products. This leads to a higher demand of non-dairy alternative milks, among which there is the coconut milk. In particular, there are specific categories of consumers, who are more interested in drinking a tastier and healthier alternative to dairy milk and they can be principally classified thanks to demographic and psychographic key factors.Firstly, people who consume coconut milk are usually older, from 20 years old and over. This is because coconut milk has nutritional facts and benefits useful for aged people. A great piece of evidence is that coconut milk can help people lower cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure and prevent heart attacks or strokes. Moreover, people of an upper middle class with higher income statement are those ones who would mostly buy it. In fact, considering the price of coconut milk, this costs more than dairy milk or other non-dairy alternatives. Therefore, people have to be willing to pay a premium price for quality products. Due to this first analysis, companies, which sell coconut milk, should concentrate more on urban areas with high-density population. Moreover, from a geographic point of view, the areas where coconut milk is more diffused in the USA are Florida, South Texas and the Hawaiian Islands.Second, concentrating more on psychographic characteristics, the consumer of coconut milk is someone who has very strong values. In fact, all vegan people that want to drink milk but don’t want to consume animal products will prefer non-dairy choices. Going deeper, among the non-dairy alternatives, coconut milk could be preferred for his taste or the different nutrition facts it can have, compared to other options.The target just described leads to a more specific segment on which companies should focus their marketing and advertising efforts, in order to raise their sales. The segment can be characterized by the benefits that the target is looking for in the coconut milk and the occasion usage of this. More in details, if we concentrate on which benefits consumers are seeking, these include health concerning about nutrition facts or some diet necessities, such as people who want to lose weight without compromising on the nutritional deficit caused by diet. Furthermore, people intolerant to lactose compose one big segment on which producers of coconut milk could concentrate more.

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