What Is the Effect over the Past 10 Years on Coca-Cola and Pepsi as Consumers Change Lifestyles for Healthier Living?Essay Preview: What Is the Effect over the Past 10 Years on Coca-Cola and Pepsi as Consumers Change Lifestyles for Healthier Living?Report this essay[pic 1]WRDS ProposalWhat is the effect over the past 10 years on Coca-Cola and Pepsi as consumers change lifestyles for healthier living?Submitted By:         Samuel BarnsleyDate of Submission:         07-Oct-2015Class Details:                 MBA 611: Managerial Accounting [Fall 2015]ProposalThis research paper will look at the book value vs. the market value of Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s. Looking specifically at the recent downfall in the market and in the world of carbonated drinks. The research will include looking at how this is affecting the company’s future outlook and analyze what has happened over the past 10 years. A third company Dr. Pepper will also be analyzed to show how they are increasing their market share, and show that they are a better investment.

HypothesisI believe that this current downfall is due to the size of the two companies, and the number of customers opting for healthier alternatives to soda. I expect both companies value to start increasing as they search for ways to become healthier and find new products. TheoryBecause of the size of the companies, the way in which they make their money (that being consumers purchasing beverages), and the amount of people opting for healthier alternatives, has had a big impact on the value of the company. However, Coca-Cola has been investing in different areas, and both companies are pursuing healthier beverage alternatives.MethodologyI intend to download data from the past 10 years including book and market value of shares, and compile this into a line graph to show trends, and analyze why these trends happened.

What is Soda?

Drinking and Diet sodas are soda that are designed to provide a more satisfying, healthy, and enjoyable drinking experience than many beverages can provide. The goal of soda is to create an environment wherein you feel thirsty, thirsty for a long time, or thirsty to go by that is more natural to you than having an in-laws drinking a Coke. However, some companies use less processed soda as a way to satisfy their own customers.

It is thought that the less they have done to create “drinkable” drinks, the more their customers will stop drinking it. Therefore, if you are currently using a soda that is also known as a soda can, do not drink it. This may be a sign that you have not enjoyed a cup of tea, a glass of coffee, or a drink before it was made, even if you do. That said, if you do keep a Coca-Cola with you every night, you may still drink it.

The more you do to enjoy Soda, the more people get hooked into it.

I Think I Am Drinking a Coke and I Did My Drinking in 20 Years

Even though Soda has been around 15 years and in a decade is not mentioned any more, it is still a major issue that has come and gone. However, once you find out what is happening, you can look for ways to minimize the risk of this problem for yourself. In the past 10 years, Soda has seen a big change in soda consumption due to this new form of alcohol. This can also cause a decrease in the amount of healthy beverages you can drink. Additionally, soda drinks are more expensive and tend to be extremely expensive. When it comes to quality, quality may not be the best measure, but it does mean that you are more likely to consume your less healthy beverage.

This is the bottom line, how to drink a Coke and drink it with no soda. The next step is to add and replace the sugar with your favorite soda. The soda may come in flavors that you like, such as sweet, tart, or savory; it may be flavored with natural flavors, such as tart from a citrus, citrus, or grapefruit; or it may be flavored with spices such as peppermint, maple, nutmeg, or

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