Remember the Titans
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Remember The Titans
Shift the categories of the “us vs them” distinction so that the lines between the groups are no longer
Coach Boone got the team to a point of respecting each other so much that they end up cheering
together and working hard together to achieve their goal of working hard and winning together. The
players become friends and the racial divide is gone through hard work and understanding of each
others differences.
Superordinate Goals
Set goals that require two or more groups to work together to achieve a common goal.
The coach tells the players he does not care if they are green, yellow, purple or any other color, they are
going to achieve success by working together as a team with all of their strengths and talents. As an
“in-group” they are all the same.
Central Route of Persuasion
Presents information with strong arguments, facts and logic.
The coach tells the team they have Hayfield and like the other schools they are all white and they dont
have to worry about the color of each others skin. Coach tells the team they have to worry about their
color. Do not let anyone come between us, nothing tears us apart. Coach Boone then tells the team
about the Titans in Greek mythology being greater than the gods and how they ruled their universe with
great power. The football field is your universe, lets rule it like Titans.
Peripheral Route of Persuasion
Emphasizes emotional appeal, focuses on personal traits and generates positive feelings.
The coach wakes up the entire team for a long distance run that lasts until the sun is staring to rise and

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