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Cloud Computing – the World-Changing Mode
The World-Changing ModeCloud ComputingChen ChenUniversity of North AlabamaAbstract  This article sketched what cloud computing is, the history of cloud computing in a business environment and how cloud computing changed the world business. Then discussed cloud computing would be adopted by the four organizational culture types and list the advantages of cloud computing.                Keywords: cloud computing, business environment, organizational culture types, advantageThe World-Changing ModeCloud ComputingDefinition. The concept of “cloud computing” is based on Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, and Grid Computing. The “cloud computing” working principle could be easily understand as it uses the internet divided the huge computer processors in to countless small subprograms automatically, after resource search and analysis, the cloud computing will send the feedback to the users. From NIST definition[see NIST],  “Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”[pic 1]History. In a business environment, according to the text book [Modern Systems Analysis and Design], “Cloud computing refers to provision of applications over the Internet, where customers do not have to invest in the hardware and software resources needed to run and maintain the applications”. The history of cloud computing can be traced back to the mid-1970s, it was called RJE (Remote Job Entry), which was mostly used in large suppliers such as IBM; in 2000, the cloud computing has been known, but cloud computing has really come into a wider use in many fields and has been a “hot topic” from 2006 (Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2 was lunched), in less than one year after S3 (Simple Storage Service) was developed, it already stored over 5 billion objects.

Evolution. In individual customer market, like general internet service, the cloud service is totally free, it major income is from advertising-supported business, that’s why it developing and popularizing so fast. The cloud computing in business still in initial stage. Many companies only apply cloud computing to non-critical operation, like human resources management; customer resources management; etc. Most companies do not think the cloud computing satisfies the requirements of safety; controllability; reliability; etc. On the other hand, they also saw the development potential of cloud computing and the advantage that cloud computing showed, so more and more companies start to focus and trying the application of cloud computing.DiscussionOrganizational Culture Types. 1) In Collaboration culture (SF), cloud computing could makes the family or team more tight and in order, prominent the individual, more specialized, and specific job. 2) In Control cultures (ST), I don’t think cloud computing could help in military organization, all of the members distribute in rank, they all abide by rules. 3) In Cultivation culture (NF), it’s about religion, which means it has its own religions institution, people all followed by their willingness, it doesn’t need cloud computing as well. 4) In Competence culture (NT), more in university, college or research lab, large data processing, functional management, task analyses, etc. cloud computing would be the best option in this culture.

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