What Is Acting?
What is acting? Acting is portraying the character that has been given to you. Why do we lie? We lie to hide the truth. There is a big difference between acting and lying. When you lie, youre not telling the truth and sometimes it’s hard for a person to snap out of that lie. When you act, you go into that characters mind frame, and you make them yours, but you can return to yourself. Lying and acting are both deceptive, but both share similarities.

As humans, we lie to one another all the time for many reasons. If we didnt, some relationships would be destroyed or too simple. Liers always continue to be themselves. Here is an example, if you received in the mail a really ugly scarf as a gift from a relative and you hate it, you would most likely put it somewhere out of sight until that relative came by for a visit. Four months later a really close friend personally hands you an identical scarf to you as a gift. You would realize the thought and effort that friend put into choosing a gift for you and you might say a number of things to spare your friends feelings, but what you wouldnt say is that you received the same ugly scarf from a relative, and it was the most horrible thing you had ever seen. So in this case, the friend has no idea that you are lying to them and they most likely take your statement to be true. Lying happens on a regular basis, it all starts in our childhood though we are always taught to tell the truth. Do you believe what you are always told?

Acting is a similar kind of deception. You are trying to convince your audience that what you are say, do and feel up on the stage is the truth. The difference is that the audience knows, that they are going to be lied to, in fact, they came there to be lied to as entertainment. Your audience understands it, and they are willing to give up what they believe for a few hours and get into the story you are portraying for them. It is an agreement between the cast

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