Beauty and the Beast
Essay Preview: Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast
In the movie Beauty and the Beast theres a towns girl who is known as the weird girl by all because she loved to read and she was not obsessed about her looks and wanted more than just to sit at home and be a housewife. When Belle and her clockmaker father moved to their new town people were in awe of her beauty Gaston, who was the towns pretty boy wanted to marry her because of it. One night the father of Belle went off to the market and promised Belle the most beautiful rose so he rode off and was supposed to come back the next day but the never returned. So Belle the courageous woman she is rode off to find her father. She took the path her father had taken until she stumbled across this big castle with the most beautiful roses, she had thought her father had gotten lost so she walked around the courtyard looking for her father but the so called “Beast” herd her and tried to scare her off but she knew her father was their so she demanded to see her father who was apparently was captured by the beast so she made a compromise she will stay as the prisoner if he let her father go. Belle’s father pleaded for her not to stay but she would not listen. As the beast got to know belle he softened and gave her a room and invited her to dinner. At first she declined until for some reason the furniture started talking to her . In the end all of the furniture has convinced belle to go have dinner with the beast .

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