Marketing Research Report
Marketing Research Report
The cleaning product market generates billions of dollar annually. Products are created frequently to make cleaning easier and faster. Everything from the disinfecting qualities to the scent that it leaves behind is important. However, there are still strict regulations and acquisitions that must be adhered to for all products. It is a very profitable market with a large target audience. The most challenging part of the market is creating a unique product that appeals to the public. The competition is enormous, and there is a tremendous amount of research that must be performed. There are many factors to consider when creating a new cleaning product. They come in various forms, bases, toxic levels, and strengths. It is important for this type of product to have a zero to low risk effect on humans, domestic animals, and aquatic life. It is also critical to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible. Close attention needs to be on what goes in the product and the materials of the packaging. This is why doing an investigation on hazardous chemicals and pollutants are significant for the examination process.

Cleaning Product Market
In 2013, the market size in the United States was forty five point six billion dollars. The capita was one hundred and forty four dollars per household for cleaning supplies. On an average, the United States consumer base spends an average of seventy four dollars in this area per household. On the world market, the United States market for cleaning products ranks third. China spent about fifty eight dollars per capita with an overall market of seventy nine billion dollars. Cleaning products account for over half of China’s expenditures. China ranks third on the cleaning merchandise market. The United Kingdom has a higher rate per capita with each household spending an average of one hundred and thirty one dollars cleaning goods. The inclusive market in the United Kingdom is an estimated eight billion dollars. The population, currency rates, and prices play a factor in how a country’s market ranks. In 2014, the United States revenue in this market was one hundred and forty three billion dollars. Cleaning products are sold to individuals and companies for, commercial and residential use. Cleaning services are a forty six billion dollar industry alone, and the foundation of this industry are the cleaning products. There are many cleaning products that are available in the United States and worldwide. It is an international market that demonstrates large amounts of growth annually. The market is mostly made up of products that are not aimed at the safe removal of oil based products.

New Product
The new product that will be released by Purity Cleaning and Make Ready Services is called Puri-Clean. It is a cleaning invention that does more than the standard cleaning

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