Cimon Son of Miltiades
Cimon known as the son of Miltiades, The hero of Marathon. His mother Hegesipyle, Daughter of Thracian King Olorus. was an Athenian statesman and general (stratego), he was one of the most prominent political statesmen in the 400s BC. Cimon was just a young boy when his father had been detained and sentenced to prison which was followed later by his death, as the rule was in those days a son was to succeed his fathers prison sentence if death was to occur, and as fate saw It he was able to avoid this sentence ruled upon him, when his young sister married a man named callias who was known to have been one of the richest men in Athens, who then paid the debt that was due which therefor t. Cimon was known to have been an unruly person, who enjoyed his liquor more than the usual and was openly deemed a drunk, his characteristics were said to have been like that of his grandfather. Apart from his malignant endeavours his womanizing ways were vastly known to many, and as most ended up marrying Isodice daughter of euryptolemus and granddaughter of Megacles, which gained him allies with the Alcmaeonids, which was a family of even more wealthy and powerful people.

Besides all that Cimon also had some redeeming traits such as his character which were admirable an noble. Although he was young when he arose in power, his fair-minded attributes took him far and his success in miliarial expertise were what gained him respect among the other regions. He was the key instrument in enabling Athens to gain a predominant position in the Greek world, after the Persian wars, he was against the more radical rule changes, Ephialtes and Pericles wanted to impose especially the change of Court of the Aeropagus.

Came from an aristocratic background, which at that time meant that he came from a wealthy, influential and well to do family. Cimon as most upper-class people was a conservative but was in favor

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