What Is in Americas Future?
Essay Preview: What Is in Americas Future?
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**** note: i dont give a fuck if this is offensive to ANYONE, HM
in 1776 our founding fathers signed a document that gave americans their rights. our country was formed around the christian religion, now look at us 230 years later trying to take out \\\” under god,…\\\” from our pledge of allegiance. and all of the immigrants coming from all over the world, slowly diluting the christian religion, slowly destroying the american way of life. it is depressing for me to hear about immigrants coming over to this country and trying to completly change everything. that is what really pisses me off. as an american born citizen, I should have the right to get a job over an immigrant. what about the poverty in the streets, they need jobs. but why cannot

they get jobs? one half of our jobs are overseas, the other half is divided into americans and immigrants. now if companies would bring the jobs back to the U.S. and give them to more people that from the street as opposed to people from other countries, we would virtually solve the problem of poverty in America. as you have probably guessed i am a nationalist. i believe

that as an american born citizen, i have the right to a job. now to address
the issue of corruption. if you have enogh of money, you can do anything and get away with it. a murderer could kill someone and have probation 5 years after, or be out on bail by that time. obviously this country is not perfect, but if we slowly address

issues one by one, we will be a better and stronger nation.
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and spelling is not very good 🙂

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