Chrissy Case
My appreciation for literacy started when a friend Chrissy, gave me a book. The story I about to share with you was very crucial in the development of my attitude toward literacy, it was simultaneously instrumental in the development of who I am as a person today. This moment occurred at a time in my adult life when I was still struggling to find my place in the world, and what kind of man i wanted to be. During these early years of my adult life most of the people I socialized with often discussed topics such as; 911, the iraq war, animal rights, and individual liberties, and if I was lucky, I might have a rudimentary understanding of these issues. My ignorance, or lack, of knowledge about these topics was a constant source of sorrow throughout my life. At least, that was the case, until a very dear friend gave me a simple gift.

On my twentieth birthday, my friend Chrissy gave me a book entitled Days of War, Nights of Love; A Beginners Guide to CrimethInc. Which is a collection of political, social, and philosophical essays written and published by an anarchist collective named CrimethInc. Chrissy told me that the reason she chose this book in particular to give to me, because, I had previously expressed to her how my lack of experience, and knowledge of politics, philosophy, and sociology, the subjects that seem to dominated the conversation between the majority of my peers, always made me feel inadequate and insecure. Chrissy said she understood the was I felt because she was in the same position a few years prior, and she believed that this book would help me to understand better why, and how other people view the world.

Up until this point in my life all the reading I could not remember reading anything that hadn’t been assigned to me in school. Growing up, I always found the act of reading to be extremely tedious, and pointless task, and in the spirit of candidness, when say that, at first, I was not very excited about

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