Survival of the FittestEssay Preview: Survival of the FittestReport this essaySurvival Of The FittestChris McCandless, crazy or noble? Chris McCandless was a young man who was seeking adventure, he wanted to find himself. Chris was a very bright young man who was supposed to enter Harvard Law School, instead Chris decided to leave everything that he was familiar with behind and head to Alaska with nothing but the clothes on his back, a bag of rice, and a backpack filled with a few things that will help him kill and catch his food. Timothy Treadwell too was gifted yet could not find success throughout his life. He decided the human world was not for him and made up his mind to find serenity protecting the bears. Both men wanted to escape their previous lives, but for very different reason. McCandless wished to prove something to himself, while Treadwell was out to prove something to society.

Though both men left a life they were familiar with, they left for completely different reasons. McCandless was sick of living a life his parents had chose for him. Not once since he was born was he allowed to think and make a decision for himself. It is shown that everything he did was only for the satisfaction of his parents. According to Stuckey, a truck driver Chris spent three days with, McCandless stated, “He didnt want to see a single person, no airplanes, and no signs of civilization. He wanted to prove to himself that he could make it on his own, without anybody elses help” (Pg. 346). The solo Alaskan adventure was something Chris used to determine whether or not he could make it on his own in the wild. Timothy Treadwell on the other hand felt like he did not fit into society and wanted to escape to a place where he felt needed and loved. Living with the bears helped him feel like a success, something he was never able to experience in the human society. Throughout the entire documentary Treadwell tried to be a part of the bears lives and treat them as if they were human. He stated, “I love them with all my heart and I will die not them,” trying to convince the audience as if these are little human infants that he was speaking of.

Chris McCandless saw graduation from college as a degree to leave life as he knew it and create something new. He was born into a financially well off family so money was never an issue growing up and it never hindered his education. Even academically, he was a gifted child and would never come home with anything less than an A. “If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed” (Pg. 351). Chris is trying to say that not everything we do has to make sense; sometimes its the most spontaneous outrageous actions that have the most impact on our lives. He wanted to live a life that he had chosen for himself. He went to school just to please his parents. Everything he did before he graduated from college was to make his parents proud. Once he was done

Chris’s love for music came from his love of the free world. He was into the free world, but he didn’t want to live it as much as everyone else, so he started to explore other things as his life evolved.

One of the main things he did was study music, especially music released under the label of “Tremendous Records”. He studied that music extensively, studying both the work and the lyrics of the song in order to find the right ones for each situation! The lyrics were more abstract, more or less just what you wanted in an American film or musical>‟ (Pg. 352). He was a master of what he called a “classical” instrument, with it he created all his own compositions

the “tremendous”, “tremendous”, “very complex” work that he was able to build up in less than 6 months.

He found a way for different types of work and their emotions to be translated into a simple, clean and clear melody.

That was how Chris McCandless was known to his peers. He said of the most beautiful people he knew of, “It was because everybody in the world knew how wonderful someone was and did what they did.”

He loved that he found the inspiration to write, so he tried to make music because of that.

That was a creative life and Chris’s music gave him an outlet.

That was how Chris McCandless became a successful filmmaker. His work and films made his viewers laugh and he made his audience know that he was not just a film fan and this gave him an excuse to do things of his own.

That’s when he knew what he wanted, and it was about finding that creative place to have my emotions as pure, beautiful, and simple as possible on the road.

That’s what Chris McCandless was hoping to accomplish.

Chris’s music helped him make more and more friends and I hope he’ll be one of those.

He is a man who enjoys making new friends regardless of the time of year.

Chris’s music is about discovering new lives, which is what he wanted.

He knows how it could get boring when you have to travel from one place to another over land, water or space. He knew that life lived in many different forms. Many different ways.

And with that, he began to explore other things that he was thinking about.

I would tell you one thing, and that is just an example.

He says that you can’t choose which of those choices you like the most. The choices that you would choose as great as this one don’t always make sense even with the best choices.

For most things he wasn’t afraid to go out and discover and find out what made people come to feel so different. After all

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