Analysis of the Religious Thoughts Shown in Les Misérables and Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
Analysis of the religious thoughts shown in Les Mis√©rables¬†and Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils¬† “Lone Tears” and “Tian Long Ba Bu” two works show the Western Christianity and Chinese Buddhism religious thought.¬†In contrast, there are many places where Chinese and Western religions can be found to be quite similar, such as the two in function, philosophy and good and evil values ‚Äč‚Äčhave a common place; but in the relationship between heaven and man is a big difference.¬†Adapted¬†from the¬†1958¬†film “Les Miserables” and¬†the new version of¬†the¬†1980¬†novel “Dragon”, analysis of similarities and differences between Chinese and Western religious thought.¬† In terms of function, both Chinese and Western religions are guided by good people, both of whom have educated people to learn to do good and forgive others.¬†China, in the “Tianlong Ba Bu” in many references to the Buddhist thought is compassionate, such as in the book from the beginning, the protagonist Yu Yu since childhood study, compassion, is not to learn to kill people; the book Buddhist disciples such as Jiu Mozhi, Xuannan, sweeping monk, are also mentioned in Buddhist emphasis on compassion Busch, salvation of the concept, but they also must attend martial arts with Buddhism as the base, that feel good Cibei Rens study,¬†which confirms Chilbulbong through a verse in “evil and Mo for, pursue the public good” in this Dharma¬†Master,¬†reflecting Chinese culture, religion, Buddhism emphasizes the feel good side, do not prejudice beings as beneficial beings do Shijie , Regardless of size.¬†In the “Lone Star Tears”, the protagonist Shang Wanqiang from the labor camps for three days, seeking home, the bishop loves, the arrival of Shang Wanqiang expressed joy, willing to not To accept him, but also for his arrangements for meals and beds, and even come up with precious silver waiter.¬†And then moved by the bishop moved still Wanqiang also changed, learn to love, when he became mayor good, such as he saved the carriage was suppressed by the elderly, but also to take care of the fragrant Fang Ting and her remains Cosette.Shang Wanqiang when the hardships of the bishop of the report, have the ability to do good to help people, as the scripture said, “If you have the power to do good, can not be turned aside, it should be applied to those who deserve.” Can see Christianity have mercy, teach people to do good character.

In Western religions share similar values of good and evil,¬†as the Chinese Buddhism “Five Precepts”, that “no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, no drinking”, but also in order to carry out the “Treatise” fill Western Christianity also has the command of the law to comply with, such as the Moses ten rings, among the six to ten ring, that “no murder, not adultery, can not steal, not false testimony, not covetous Others all “, and the content of the Buddhist clan similar.¬†The more similar the Buddhist, Christian, is neither confined to ordinances themselves, this can be¬†seenin the “Dragon” and¬†“Les Miserables” in.¬†“Tianlong Ba Bu”, the protagonist Xu Zhu in Shaolin monk, but the edge of the occasion, was cheated to eat meat, was designed to kill people, could not hold the color ring, by the pride of drinking wine.¬†Although he had committed a lot of precepts, but the nature did not change, still want to return to Shaolin, and willing to punish, and the monks, although the bamboo out of Shaolin, but the reason is Xu Zhu did not send the owner is not because he committed, they Also known as Xu Zhu bent, told him, “Buddhism, where can not accommodate?” And pointing him to leave Shaolin can still be converted to Sambo, can also prove that Buddha.¬†This reflects Buddhism than the rules, heavier its own intention, that is, to feel good at the heart, because of the intention of the evil.¬†And “Lonely Tears” also shows that Christianity is more than the commandment itself is more commandment of the original intention of love.¬†Shang Wanqiang went to steal the bread for the hungry children and made a “no stealing”, but it was for the relief of the weak heart of love; the bishop was lying in front of the police officer, This is the heart of love for sinners.¬†The Bible says that the greatest commandment is love of God, and the next commandment is similar, that is, to love.¬†Lover is the master of the Christian law and the prophets. ¬†Buddhism, Christianity also has an approximate spirit of forgiveness.¬†“Tianlong Ba Bu” story filled with rivers and lakes figures of resentment, many of which can be traced back from Xiao Yuan Shan and Murong Bos grudge.¬†Xiao Yuan Shan, a Murong Bo suffered by the accident, and according to “Book of Rites ceremony on the ceremony,” said: “the father of the Buddha and the common days, the brothers do not fight back”, the Chinese tradition that the blood is great, Murong Bo is according to the ancestors of the ancestral training, want to revive the country, and Chinese history, such as from the Goujian hardships, the country is also very important, must do.But the monks of Buddhism to enlighten the two, so that they understand the cause and effect of the newspaper, everything is empty of the reason, hatred to all go, because of Buddhism to the persistent heart, not stubborn and fame and fortune.¬†In the “lonely tears”, Shang Wanqiang for a moment to steal the bishops precious silverware, but still Wanqiang was arrested, the bishop not only did not prove that Shang Wanqiang, more Germany complain, willing to send his ancestral silver candle , Because the bishop wanted him to be gracious, redeemed, and delivered him to God, and made him an honest man; and by the forgiveness of the bishop, Shang Wanjiang had really changed and became a good man.¬†Instead, do not understand the “love” concept, do not understand the forgiveness of the police officer Jia Wei was so perplexed, throwing the river suicide.¬†It can be seen from the above that the commonality of Chinese and Western religions is that they have the performance of forgiveness, but the idea behind is different. Chinese Buddhism is “empty”, hatred is meaningless and “down”; Western Christian Love and not to vengeful, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove, “we love, because God first love us”, also hope that people can learn God forgive peoples evil, untied hatred. ¬†“Lone Tears” and “Tianlong Ba Bu” reflect the Western Christian and Chinese Buddhist religious ideas have many similar places, but the two have different concepts of heaven and human relations.¬†“Born tears”, the bishop cover Shang Wanqiang is to give him to God, and then Wanqiang be touched, accept the grace, but also for God live; police officer Jia Wei by their own values ‚Äč‚Äčto distinguish between right and wrong, by behavior , Refused to grace, but it is lost, tragic end.¬†This reflects the emphasis on Western Christianity to love God, close to God.¬†And “Tianlong Ba Bu”, the Buddha is the same as the existence of believers as teachers, monks are learning Buddha, before the teachings and experience, digestion hostility, remove trouble.¬†Such as sweeping monks want to Xiaoyuan Shan and Murong Bo put down the sins, is the Jiyu Buddhism led to “Fahrenheit”, “miscellaneous Ah” by the classic hope that people can see after the self.¬†This is reflected in the Christian human salvation is to rely on God, the relationship between God and God; Buddhism is to learn the teachings of the people of the teachings of regret and self-realization, the pursuit of dedication, colorless and no phase.¬† In summary, “Lone Star Tears” and “Tian Long Ba Bu” reflects the Chinese and Western religions have a lot of similar places, including will lead to good, will forgive, there are similar good and evil values, but in heaven The relationship is different.

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