Children Obesity
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Children Obesity
” Up to one out of every five children in the U.S. is obese or overweight and this number is continuing to grow,” says Children obesity is at an all time high in America. One out of every five children is obese, thats scary. Years ago So many people talked about obesity and the things we should do but no one really started to make a change until the past two years. I believe its up to our parents and schools to help change the health and bad traditions of our childrens eating habits and feed the children properly or at least try. Parents work all day and want to come home and relax so thats why I feel its partially up to the schools to make a difference. Parents dont want to come home after working all day worrying about how they are going to pay rent and also worry about how they are going to get the money to buy healthier food and also the time to make a healthier dinner so, instead they get them a processed happy meal from McDonalds because its much easier and quicker . While processed foods, like McDonalds, are more readily and available than expensive healthy food, the obesity rate in our future adults will continue to rise if we dont start making these changes now and I believe that all parents should all be putting their childrens health first.

Parents in todays society need a more accessible, convenient, and cheaper ways to make it easier to change their children and make it easier for them to change the health of their kids and create a more healthy environment. Parents are the biggest influence on our childs health and obesity. Not only are the children obese but the parents are also so why would they even listen to them or look up to them. They let them sit and play video games or play on the computer instead of making them go outside to run around and play sports; getting them exercise. Instead they are inside snacking on chips and watching tv. I understand times are tough but if they have time to do all that then they definitely have the time to go outside and play a game of soccer or ride their bike. Even taking the dog for a walk instead of just letting him out to run by himself in the yard, get your children up to go for a walk with him. Instead of being driven to school maybe ask them to walk, if its safe. There are so many things, easy things, parents can do to help their childrens health without spending tons of money or making extra time. I understand times are hard right now for all of us but I also believe your childs health is number one.

Schools are another big factor in the way our children eat and their health or how obese they are. Schools have our children half the day so they play a huge role in our childrens health. There are so many things schools could change to make it healthier for our children. One thing they could

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