English Renaissance- a Day in the Life of a 15 Year Old Ladies Maid
Essay Preview: English Renaissance- a Day in the Life of a 15 Year Old Ladies Maid
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A Day in the Life of a 15 year old Ladies Maid,
Called Mary Donne
A Personal Journey through the English Renaissance
Tuesday, September 13, 1597
Dear Diary,
Today it was a hard day. Woke up early this morning, around 5 oclock feeling sanguine. I dressed up very fast, her majesty was steel sleeping angel-like into her grandiose chamber. I went into the kitchen, to eat fast my breakfast; herbal tea and a slice of bread. The dairyman had already left the bottle of fresh cow milk in the mat of the back door of the kitchen. I gave it to the cook in order to prepare her breakfast.

I run into her chamber but carefully, so that I do not make noise and wake her up. I engraved the fire and I added some more woods, so that when her majesty wakes up the room is going to be warm. I rushed into the kitchen once more in order to get the salver with her breakfast, and then to the garden in order to cut a pink rose (she absolutely adores them) and then rushed back again into her chamber. I woke her up, she started moaning and saying “Prithee one minute more!!” , Gods death she is so vexatious. I did not respond, I am not allowed to; thats what a ladies maid should do, be silent and not attract attention. I served her breakfast on bed, and then me and her milk-dame helped her to take her bath into her wooden tube. Then I had to dress her, she likes to be always bravely clad, she is full of herself. Finally I had to brush her hair 100 times like every morning and then put her make up on. And like every morning she says to me “God reward thee, I do not know what I would do without you my loyal, Mary! God save you.” I hate her, she is so arrogant, self-love and vexing.

Work took me and I did not notice it was dinner time. All the family was sitting around the table waiting me and the other servants to serve the food. Today the menu was boiled chicken wings with berries associated with Manchet Claret wine (my ladys favorite wine), that my master brought from Gascony.

Then I had to tug my lady to her every day afternoon walk into the castles garden. She loves nature especially autumn flowers, although it is very warm still and winter flowers havent appeared yet. Her majesty, she is so moony she always talks about her dream to get married her childhood love and have a big family during our walks.

Thank God my lady and her whole family (except the newborn, little Christopher) went to my ladys future husband house for supper and they wont return till ten oclock.

Fortunately I had some

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