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Child Haus
Essay Preview: Child Haus
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NTC-1 6M
Team Tarsier
January 26, 2011
Prof. Roland Fabreo Madeja
My First Impressions in the Child Haus
When I was in High School, I and my classmates used to help the victims of Ondoy. It is our own choice to help those people who are in need and volunteered in The Philippine Red Cross. We have experienced feeding children and tell them that its best to know the right food to eat. It was such an enjoyable practice. And now, is my first time to take the NSTP Civic Welfare Service Training formally. Well, I know it is required in the curriculum but I know that theres other reason for us to make out in doing these service.

The Center for Health Improvement and Life Development, or more recognized as Child Haus is a temporary shelter for indigent patients who have cancer or other dreaded diseases and have no place to reside in Metro Manila at the same time as under going medical evaluation or treatment. This place is said to be moved to another location since it is one of the beneficiaries of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and the PCSOs office is now located someplace in PICC.

It was a sunny day when we went to the Child Haus. We are excited and also curious on how the place really looks like because as seen on the television, the place is occupied with those people who are unfortunate enough to have that normal life. The life that is free. The moment we arrived there, I felt the environment was filled with the struggling of the patients there particularly the children. Those children are making the most out of their life now and here we are, trying to help them for at least be happy and forget about their sickness for a while.

Having the tour around the house made us all excited but while we go in, I sensed the heavy emotions in that place, the sadness and the suffering of each person who lived there.

I was very touched when I saw this card posted on the wall, the person who wrote this have this strong faith and hope to God that all of them there who are sick will be well and enjoy life. Hes not wishing not only for himself but for everyone. These people are inspirations because despite of what theyre going through, they are trying their very best to live their lives to the fullest.

Im looking forward to help those people in the Child Haus and I know that every meeting will be a great experience.

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