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Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Mike Russell
Professor Wayne
English 101, Section 7
13 February 2013
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
As a guy, cooking is seen as a foreign skill. Cooking can be seen as a scary task that can turn bad in an instant. The truth of it is that cooking can be very simple and can be quite enjoyable. One of the dinner meals that is easy to make and makes a delicious meal is a stuffed chicken breast. Stuffed chicken breasts are a simple way to make a great meal. First you will need to get the ingredients and get them laid out. Then you will need to prepare the meat for cooking. Next you will cook the chicken and lastly you will prepare the meal to be eaten. At the end of the day, a great way to wind down for the night is sitting on the couch, watching some television, and eating some stuffed chicken breasts.

It takes a lot of different ingredients and they are all equally important. The first thing on the list is the chicken breasts. You will need to find chicken breasts that are thick enough for you to cut an opening into but not so thick that they take too long to cook. You will be looking for breasts that are about an inch to an inch and a half thick. The next thing that is needed is the Triscuits. Any kind of Triscuit will work as long as its flavor matches with the flavor that you have used in your stuffing. I would suggest using the Cracked Black Pepper Triscuit. It is a pretty universal flavor that goes well with almost anything. Now, the stuffing ingredients; and this one is the one with most freedom of choice. Anything can be used to stuff your chicken. Most of the time, cheese is the majority of the stuffing along with some onions, peppers, and some type of very flavored meat such as bacon or summer sausage. This will complement the flavor of the chicken nicely and really bring out all of the flavors. Fruits can also be added to the mixture such as pineapple to give it a sweet Hawaiian or tropical taste. The last thing on the list is the cake pan that you will use to bake it all together.

Preparing the chicken is the most important part of making it. First you will need to set the frozen chicken breasts out for a couple minutes so that they are able to be cut into. When that is done, the cut is next. This is a very particular cut to make because it needs to be a deep enough cut into the side of the chicken breast so that it creates a good pocket for the stuffing ingredients but it must not be too deep that it cuts all the way through the chicken breast. After that, the ingredients need to be cut up and mixed together. The easiest way to do this is to just cut the ingredients on

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