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Mathematics, Education, and Music?
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Mathematics, Education, and Music?
This article is very interesting in bringing up points and ideas of mathematics that I had never thought of. Dr. Heinz Gotze states that Mathematics is much like music. After Beethoven would play, he goes on, people wouldnt say “Hey, what was the use of that?”. People, however, constantly are trying to determine the purpose of mathematics. The truth is there is no set purpose. Math is not a well discussed topic, and an even less researched topic. People automatically assume that it is a drudging life of adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. The fact is that Mathematicians are more artist, than engineer, at least according to Dr. Gotze. Mathematicians mathematize, in order to appreciate and understand mathematics. But then taking this article, one could also apply it to the sciences and say that a chemist is an artist. The chemist mixes things and tweaks with experiments in the hope of creating something useful. Something beautiful that could save lives. For this reason he too could be called an artist.

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