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You have been chosen as a group leader for a small group of year 7 students attending a Peer Support training camp in the Yadboro State Forest.
Activity: Kayaking
Kayaking is a method of transportation across water. A kayak is a small and narrow craft then is propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks are flexible objects since they can be used for countless activities like exploration, fishing, diving, racing and more. The sizes and shapes vary depending on the activity you plan on doing with it, however you can get allrounder kayaks that are suitable for most activities.

Kayaks are believed to be about 4,000 years old after they were used by people in Alaska to hunt in lakes, rivers and coastal waters. The word “kayak” means “mans boat” or “hunters boat”. Native kayaks were a personal craft, each built by the man who used it with help usually from his wife, who sewed the skins. Since they were made for one person only they were tailored fitting his size for maximum maneuverability.

Benefits associated with kayaking
There are many benefits associated with kayaking mainly fitness based, however kayaking can also develop your social skills, as well as, challenging your mental strength. Furthermore, Kayaking is a great way to see some of Australia’s beautiful waterways.

Kayaking is a low impact activity that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Physical benefits include:
Improved cardiovascular fitness.
Increased muscle strength, especially upper body like back, arms, shoulders and chest, from paddling. Also, kayaking is good for the torso and leg muscles as the strength to power a kayak comes mainly from the rotation of your torso and applying pressure with your legs

Kayak is a good endurance and muscle strengthening sport because of the reduced risk of wear-and-tear on joints and tissues, since paddling is a low impact activity.

As well as being a physically tough activity, kayaking could also push your mental strength, especially in racing or white water kayaking through rapids, this is because courses are challenging and push the comfort zone, surpassing this mental barrier can really your mental strength and give you huge confidence boost for everyday life. Also, there is another side to kayaking, it can be a very peaceful and reflective activity to participate in and get away from a busy work or school life, it’s a stress relief and relaxing activity.

Kayaking is a great social activity whether is competitive or just casual. Social benefits would include:
Developing leadership skills
Develop your communication skills
Meet new people with common hobbies
Risk Assessment
Activity Name: Kayaking
Activity Location: Yadboro state Forest
Risk rating without control.
(Use risk matrix)
Controls to be implemented.
Risk rating after control.
Falling in/ capsizing
Cold chill, drowning
Wear life jackets and appropriate clothing
Collision with other paddlers
Rib injury, head injury, hand/ finger injury
No bumping rule, spread out when paddling and keep a boot length away from each other. Wear a helmet. Keep your hands out the way if someone is going to bump into you.

Natural Extremes lightening, flood, cold, extreme heat
Hypothermia, Heat stroke
Check the weather before the kayak, wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen and try to keep clothes dry
Carry enough water at least 2L.
Poor conditions
Challenging paddle, capsizing, hypothermia
Check wind and tides and plan your route around them so you don’t have to paddle against them as you will make the paddle much harder.
Faulty equipment
Drowning, minor injury
Check all equipment is in working condition, check paddles are strong with no cracks and won’t break. Also, check the kayak is in full working order with no dints or cracks.

Paddling causing muscle injuries
Injury requiring first aid
Warm up and stretch before paddling and make sure paddlers are trained and know the correct technique.
Loading, unloading and carrying boats
Pulled muscles and concussion
When unloading and loading boats take time use the correct lifting technique and share the weight with someone when carrying them.
Style of leadership
The style of leadership is very important in this situation as kayaking can be a dangerous activity if not correctly performed. In this case where a year 7 group will be taking part in the activity I will use a mixture of democratic, autocratic and strategic non-intervention leadership styles.

The reason not to use the laissez- faire style of leadership is mainly because year 7’s are still young and most are not independent and can rely on parents to make important decisions for them. Therefore, I don’t believe that they are ready to organise and coordinate themselves without someone getting hurt being immature or reckless.

I will be an autocratic leader when explaining safety. Safety, is the number one priority and must be thoroughly explained. Also, linking with the democratic leadership approach, I will give the group several route options to pick

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