Hucklebarry Finn
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In the work of Mark Twain entitled “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, Several the characters of Huck as well as his loyal friend Jim display much alienation from society due to their background history as well as their adventures in a search for a better life.

To begin with, Huckleberry Finn had been in the custody of his father in a log cabin and he did not like his father or a caged lifestyle at all. He has always had desires to become adventurous and free to do what ever he wanted as his idol and role model Tom Sawyer has done before. Hucks desire to be like Tom Sawyer acted as his motivation to run away from his father and discover adventure. So one night, he faked his own death with the blood from a pig an a knife, and he sneaked down the Mississippi River in the dark of night.

Somewhere else on a slave plantation, a slave by the name of Jim grew tried and aggravated of his owner Mrs. Watsons treatment of him, and he too desired freedom as well as adventures, so he too ran away. After both had run away from their houses, they both encounter each other on an island down the river. Both were very delighted to know that neither will be alone in this adventure. The combination of Huck and Jim in a partnership is one of alienation from society as Jim is a slave and not approved of in society of anything more than a worker, and Huck has built a reputation of disobedience and separation from normal society. Hucks alienation from society is enforced as shown in the earlier chapters that he has attempted to fit into society in such ways as going to school and trying to learn, but his unsupportive father disapproved of him being “Learned” anything. That made Huck felt that he is out of place in society and seeing other parts of society along the river will suit his desires and accept him into society.

Huck acts as Jims body guard as he protects Jim from being discovered as a runaway slave many time along the river. Jim develops a solid

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