Drama Unit
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Answer ONE of the following questions in a 3-5 page paper, double-spaced, and MLA format. Be sure to use specific examples from the works to support your thesis.

In each of these plays, a character changes after confronting a particular problem or situation, and another character does not change. Choose one character and discuss how he or she changes throughout the play. What does this character learn, and what action is finally taken due to his or her newly enlightened state? Choose another character that does not change, and discuss why this person is unwilling or incapable of learning and growing. Finally, what theme is illuminated for the audience by witnessing this process of change for the one character and lack of change for the other?

Discuss at least two plays in terms of tragedy. What are the tragic elements in these works? Is one play more tragic than the other? Why? Consider the definition of tragedy discussed in class and for further reference refer to Arthur Millers “Tragedy and the Common Man.”

Compare and contrast two characters from two different plays. How are their situations similar? Are they faced with similar dilemmas? Do their actions ultimately support a common theme?

In each of these plays, the playwrights incorporate the use of foils in order to highlight certain qualities of the main characters. Choose two plays and identify and discuss the foils used. What character traits are emphasized through the use of these foils? Think about the parallel structure created by these foils and what meaning is conveyed through this device.

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