I Were the Ceo of Carrefour
I were the CEO of Carrefour…
What is CEO?
CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for overseeing the management of an entire organization, as such, it is often the title of a person who holds the highest position in a company or on a board.

For this topic, I’d like to choose the French international chain, Carrefour, which is also the third largest in terms of profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco, for example.

In 2008, Carrefour changed their CEO into Lars Olofsson, whose strategy is “to be only where it knows it can win”. Therefore, for then on, Carrefour began to give up part of Asian market, which is not profitable for them, such as Japan in 2010, Thailand in 2010, Malaysia in 2010 and Singapore in 2010 and focus on other markets they’ve already in the leading position. And the reason why Carrefour failed in those markets is because the group is not familiar with the Asian people living style and their taste. Otherwise, although Carrefour holds a great market share in Europe, in resent year, the rate of growth became smooth, which means they need to make some change to breakthrough this awkward situation at the moment.

Furthermore, in my opinion, CEO is a leader of the company, and his or hers job is to make the main decision for the group which could bring the company into better situation but at the same time, CEO need a bunch of employees to dedicate for him so that he or she could achieve the goal effectively.

In this case, I come up with the following suggestion for them about their strategy in both Asian and European markets and what is a “good top-level management” that CEO has to go through for me.

Universally, we get lots of office workers who just rent an apartment by themselves in big city where they have a job, such as Paris, New work, Tokyo and Shanghai. Those workers are usually busy at working, having no much time to cook, and even they cook, they can only take one portion of the food at a time (the amount which sometimes is really hard to control). Of course they can just go to supermarket once a week to buy everything they need during there working days, but, if Carrefour can focus on this target market and provide another better option for them, why not?

Asia: Open convenience store to benefit office workers and build brand image
Supermarket and hypermarket now such as Wal-Mart, Tesco and Carrefour are now emphasizing on the big size store worldwide. Take Carrefour for example, they have no convenience store in Asia and have only some in part of Europe. But since now they are going to Asian market and their rate of growth in Europe cease moving, from my perspective, they can now focus on the workers in big city and develop convenience store market

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