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Percentage of Oxygen in Germinating Peas VS. Non-Germinating Peas
Background Information- Germination is the process by which a plant grows from a seed. In the process of germination cellular respiration occurs. Cellular respiration is when cells use oxygen to break up sugars into a form that the cell can use as energy. To measure how much oxygen is being taken in from the process of cellular respiration is a device called an oxygen sensor. Peas can start the process of cellular respiration by being soaked in water and thats how they can absorb oxygen. If the peas were not soaked they would have no need to take in oxygen.

Purpose- The reason we did this experiment was to see and compare how much oxygen germinating and non-germinating peas were consuming.
How to achieve the purpose- We achieved the purpose by using an oxygen sensor to measure the amounts of oxygen present in the process of cellular respiration in 10 minutes and saw how the oxygen increased, decreased, or stayed constant.

Hypothesis- I believe that germinating peas will take in more oxygen because they are going through cellular respiration.
Equipment- The materials used in this experiment was 150 germinating peas that will go through cellular respiration, 150 non-germination peas that will not go through cellular respiration, & an oxygen sensor to measure the amount of oxygen present.

Procedure- In this experiment we will be comparing a bottle of germinating peas and a bottle of non-germinating peas using an oxygen sensor to find out the percentage of oxygen present in the bottle. The first thing you will have to do to achieve this is get around 150 germinating peas and 150 non-germinating peas and put them in separate bottles. Next attach the oxygen sensor to the germinating peas bottle and turn it on once attached. Gather the data after every 30 seconds. Repeat these steps for the non-germinating peas. You should be able to see the difference from the data. Once youve gathered all of the data you want to average both the germinating peas and the non-germinating peas.

Data table-
Non-germinating peas

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